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      Web Design

      Web design Agency in
      Los Angeles County, California

      In order for your business to develop successfully on the Internet, you need to have your own website, which will become the hallmark of your company and can help you attract new customers. But there are a number of requirements for the right site: it must be optimized for search engines, user-friendly, understandable and constantly attract the attention of the target audience.

      You can order website design and website development in Los Angeles County, California here. Just contact our manager and get proposal.


      What People Say?

      When choosing a website design company in Los Angeles (LA, California), you should pay attention to:

      1. how many years the company has been on the market
      2. what types of projects the webdesign company has worked with
      3. website design quality
      4. level of qualification of the manager at the stage of project discussion
      5. is there further support for the site
      6. does the company provide website promotion services?
      7. total cost of creating a website

      When developing a website, a web designer performs the following tasks:

      Customer survey

      to understand the main goals and objectives of the future site. It helps website designer to determine the target audience and the site development strategy.

      Development of a website design prototype

      On the basis of a survey, the web design firm creates a prototype of the future site. The design prototype includes a schematic structure of each page, which allows the client to see the logic of the presentation of information.


      Development of website page design

      After the approval of the prototype, the web agency develops the design of each page of the future site.

      The classic structure of the company’s website design:
      main page, about the company, services, news, product catalog, contacts.

      The design of each page is sent to the customer for approval.

      Creation of the test site

      After approving the appearance of the pages, the programming part begins. During this phase, the following tasks will be performed:

      – Creating a test site,
      – WordPress CMS (Content Management System) is configured. So that the client can easily manage information,
      – the design is transferred to the test site,
      – the site is filled with customer information,
      – site display is tested on all devices (computers, tablets, phones)

      After testing phase – a test site is sent to the client for approval.

      Website launch

      After approval of the test site, it is transferred to a live domain. Access to the site is sent to the customer

      Web design services in LA include: 

      1. Сlient briefing,
      2. Creating a prototype,
      3. Creating a website design,
      4. Test website creating,
      5. Testing website on all devices,
      6. Website launch.

      How much does it cost to create a website design?

      The price tag of web design depends on the qualifications of the designer, the size of the site (how many pages you need to draw, and how long it takes).

      Creating a web design is a laborious process that consists of the following steps:

      1. Analysis of the client’s business. A questionnaire is sent to the client to understand the scope of work.
      2. Prototyping website pages. On the basis of the prototype, a web design of all pages of the site will be created.
      3. Creation of web design pages. Formatting texts on the pages of the site, selection of illustrations and images, placing the right accents in the design of the pages.

      The list of benefits from the website development in Los Angeles is varied: 

      1. Advertising of goods and services;
      2. Organization of sales of goods and services via the Internet;
      3. Developing relationships with existing clients and partners;
      4. Improving the image in the eyes of customers;
      5. Opportunity to show yourself in a more favorable light against competitors;
      6. Providing access to information about the company around the clock from anywhere in the world;
      7. Personal media;
      8. And much more.